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The vivid tones of Early Me revolve around songwriter Thomas Jönsson and his bright compositions. Within the constellation of favourite musicians and musical friends, Early Me frequently records and performs. You are most likely able to enjoy a breathtaking performance with Early Me, whatever band setting you happen to come across: the solo act (piano/vocals), the duo (piano/vocals/cello), or the full band.

In November-December 2011 Early Me released a new song for each Advent, in a project called *Wintersongs (produced by James Brewster).

In April 2011 Early Me released their self-titled debut-EP at Smockadoll Förlag. It was produced by Björn Stegmann at TonGeneration in Malmö.

Previous shows (an excerpt):

Babel, Malmö. Bushwick Book Club

Café Bistrot Oh la la, Malmö
Babel, Malmö. Bushwick Book Club
Babel, Malmö. Bushwick Book Club

Babel, Malmö. Bushwick Book Club
Palladium, Malmöfestivalen
Victoriateatern, Retro Films /with Matti Nilsson
Café Simpan, Malmö. Gottfrid, humanitär stödfest. Arr: Pull maj finger

Café Simpan, Malmö /with Matti Nilsson and the Royal Anderson
Debaser, Malmö. Pop-­‐Quiz
Malmöfestivalen, Hedmanska gården
Babel, Malmö. Café Simpans 5-års kalas
Victoriateatern, Malmö
Tjili Pop, Köpenhamn
Retro Café, Köpenhamn
Konsthallen, Malmö

Malmöfestivalen, Gustavscenen
Inkonst, Malmö. Språkas Alice P. Ougler-­‐kväll
Statshuset, Malmö. Malmöfestivalen press conference
Inkonst, Malmö. Potato Potatos arr “Geografton”
Mitt andra hem, Göteborg